the Status Quo

There is a great commercial for the newest Infiniti Challenger that has been playing over and over again on the various channels that I watch. It starts off with a video of the earth revolving and the narrator saying, ‘If no one ever challenged the status quo…the world would still be flat.’ It continues with a picture of Einstein, ‘If no one ever challenged the status quo, E would still equal E (not E=MC2) and it continues in this way…’  To see the commercial in it’s entirety go to .

Our world has been built upon challenging the status quo, not accepting the existing state or condition of something.

If the 1st Americans had never challenged the status quo and drafted the Declaration of Independence, then our country would still be governed by the British Parliment.

If people like Abraham Lincoln and Harriet Tubman had never challenged the status quo and fought for the rights of African Americans, human beings would still be sold down south like cattle headed for somebody’s farm.

If no one ever challenged the status quo, then women would not be able to vote in our country, the Berlin wall would never have fallen, and we’d still be walking everywhere we go, grunting like cavemen, killing our food with our bare hands.

It’s no different with God’s church.

If Noah hadn’t challenged the status quo, humanity might not have been spared.

If Abraham hadn’t challenged the status quo, a nation might not have been founded.

If Moses hadn’t challenged the status quo, a nation might not have been liberated.

If David hadn’t, a throne wouldn’t have been established. Solomon, a temple wouldn’t have been built. John the Baptizer, hearts wouldn’t have been prepared.

And most of all, if Jesus had accepted the existing state and condition of our sin, then we would have no hope of salvation, and burn in hell for eternity.

The early church  challenged the status quo in the books of Acts, and it grew. Martin Luther, John Calvin and others challenged the status quo and the church was reformed. Billy Graham challenged the status quo in the 2oth century and evangelism was changed forever.

The status quo, the existing state and condition of the church today is being challenged. There are many leaders in our day who are trying to bring God’s true and pure Word to the nations that they live by challenging the status quo.

As with every challenge of the status quo over the course of history, there are people who fight and resist. People fought Columbus on the shape of the earth, the south fought the abolition of slavery, the men in the Old Testament faced many adversaries, and the religious rulers killed Jesus.

Today, the biggest obstable to reforming and emerging church leaders and churches are other Christians. Consumer Christians who wish to wear the Jesus badge on Sunday mornings, but then tell Him to *%#$ off every other day of the week. People who suck the life and resources out of the church and their leaders, but don’t give anything back. People who hold these leaders and churches hostage because they think that the status quo, of a dying church is acceptable. That the status quo of the world around us thinking ill of Christians is an ok thing.

It’s time for Christians all over the world to challenge the status quo, to change the mind of unbelievers and show them that the church is an amazing place. A place where they can meet God, a place where they can meet real people, a place where God’s love and truth will win the day, not the whining of the Consumer Christians.

What the world needs to see, is the church willing to get down and dirty, to be real, to tackle the issues of the day without flinching. The world needs to see people who look like them, act like them, dress like them, but live differently than them. The world needs to see people who are so full of love and so full of God’s grace, that other people can’t help but want that for themselves.

The church needs to challenge the status quo. Not by investing millions of dollars in a new building, not by writing another new song, not by acting like every other church that exists in the area, but by being real.

Pastor Chris.


4 thoughts on “the Status Quo

  1. Great job with this Chris, accepting the status quo for the church seems to be the antithesis of the message of Christ. He was a radical of His time, the love revolution that He brought was foreign to His contemporaries. So, awesome topic and super way to introduce it, keep pressing and giving the message of Christ.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. Your examples speak for themselves. Unfortunately many people in the church don’t get it. They agree with the necessity in the examples you cite but won’t tolerate it in our time. When the church serves their purpose everything is great. As the church evolves to reach a lost generation, it no longer meets their needs. I for one am getting quite tired of people who go to church, think they are Christian or at least claim to be and all they care about is themselves as evidenced by:
    1) lodging petty complaints based on their own personal preference and desires;
    2) how they treat their pastors who are simply trying to do the right thing to reach others for Christ;
    3) bailing from the church, their friends, and their commitments at the first sign of personal disatisfaction without any regard for others;
    4) influencing others to turn their back on the church with them.
    Not only does this put a hurt on the church’s ability to accomplish the mission as she challenges the status quo, it’s incongruent with their claim!

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